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  1. 1. Introduction/ Welcome
  2. 2. Subscription
  3. 3. Changing Your Subscription
  4. 4. Subscribing, Marketing to you, Returns and Refunds
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1. Introduction/ Welcome

Welcome to the Subscription policy. This policy governs the provision of the arabee Arabic language learning programme provided through the website, Apple App Store, Google Play, and/or physically by Ara Bee Education & Training Computer Software LLC and/or its affiliates.

By subscribing with us through the website, the Apple App Store or Google Play you accept this policy in full. If you disagree with this policy or any part of this policy, you must not use this website or App or any of the arabee programmes or materials.


2. Subscription

Before taking out a subscription to arabee we recommend downloading the App and doing the Free Trial. There is no obligation to buy a subscription and we do not ask for any payment information. The App is Free to download on both the Apple App store and Google Play.

Current prices for the packages are as follows:

These prices may be reviewed and changed in line with market prices.arabee is progressive and subscribers will have access to all content and all levels while their subscription is active. However, content is locked, users will have to watch each piece of content to unlock or progress to the next throughout the programme. This is to ensure that the user has mastered the language (concept, vocabulary or grammar) before progressing and will ensure that there are no learning gaps

The term of each annual subscription package is one year, each subscription must be paid in full in advance. A package may only be purchased through the Apple App Store / Google Play stores using one of the protected payment mechanisms/ methods. Any changes to our subscriptions pricing will be communicated to you through the channel via which you subscribed i.e. Apple App Store / Google Play.


3. Changing Your Subscription

You can change your subscription from monthly to annually at any time. Your new annual subscription will start at time of payment for the new subscription.

You cannot change from annual to monthly until the expiration of the annual subscription.


4. Subscribing, Marketing to you, Returns and Refunds

Subscription Terms:

Subscribers are bound by the subscription terms & conditions of the respective store (Apple App / Google Play) through which they subscribed.

Free Trial and Cancellation:

Refund Policy:

arabee does not offer pro-rata refunds or credits for cancelled subscriptions. All refunds and cancellations are done through the respective App Stores

Cancellation Instructions:

Subscribers should follow the cancellation instructions on their respective stores Apple App Store or Google Play.


If you encounter difficulties in cancelling your subscription, please email support at


5. Contact us

If you have questions or concerns about these Terms and Conditions of Use, please contact us:

Ara Bee Education & Training Computer Software LLC,

Office 148 Schon Business Park, Dubai Investment Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel:  (+971) 50 630 5414




Last Updated: 30th October 2023

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