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Frequently asked Questions

What is arabee?

arabee is an Arabic learning programme that teaches Arabic in a fun and progressive way to native and non-native speakers. arabee gives a variety of interactive learning activities that can be enjoyed with or without parental guidance. It is designed for children but can be used by anyone who wants a curriculum based online Arabic programme.

Who created the arabee Learning App?

arabee was founded by teachers, mothers, linguists and professionals in curriculum development who wanted to make learning Arabic fun. Our dedicated team has dedicated time, thought and effort in creating the arabee programme.  The team continues to research the best methods of teaching Arabic to young children.

How was arabee developed?

arabee was developed by teachers and educators who understand what it really takes to understand, read, write and speak Arabic. arabee has been developed in the UAE using Firebase which is Google's mobile application development platform. arabee is constantly updated, creating and adding new and fun content. 

Who can use arabee?

arabee can be used by children, parents, teachers, learning institutes and anyone looking to learn Arabic in a fun way. Even home- schooling students find arabee easy to use independently, allowing them to learn Arabic seamlessly and progressively.

What makes arabee different?

arabee has been designed specifically for children by teachers and experts in education and curriculum design. The visual and auditory elements are based on a child’s preference and selections. arabee is a multi-functional online programme which caters to all types of learners: Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Reading and Writing. Our team at arabee have identified learning gaps and lack of resources for Arabic language teaching and learning and we have successfully filled those needs.

Can I see what I am buying before I pay?

There is a demo page which allows you the opportunity to experience arabee’s content with your child. Once this demo is completed you can decide which subscription suits your child best. please click here to see our subscription and pricing policy.

If I don’t speak or read Arabic, can my children still use arabee?

Yes, arabee is very easy to navigate and makes learning as easy as 123. There are friendly icons that guide users to use the content so you don't need to be able to read Arabic.

Can my child use arabee alone, or do I need to supervise them?

Minimal supervision is required for children as young as 3 years old. arabee is designed with simple navigation and audio instructions that helps little ones facilitate independent learning. There are NO ads on arabee to distract the learner.

How long should my child spend on arabee?

We recommend 15-20minutes learning time per day. arabee’s fun videos and interactive games are short and easy to use, making it exciting for your child to get onto the programme, learn something new, practice or finish a session within a short time.

What curriculum does arabee follow?

arabee is aligned to the UAE Ministry of Education framework for learning Arabic and Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (https://www.coe.int/lang-CEFR) standards. Regardless of the curriculum any child follows, Arabic is a living language and after completing all arabee levels, users are able to easily converse in Arabic on many subjects such as family, animals, cultures, explain their emotions & feelings and more.

How can I tell if arabee is a good programme for learning Arabic?

All children have different learning patterns and a different pace in absorbing information. arabee provides a variety of mediums to appeal to all learners. Like all educational subjects, learning a language requires regular study and revision.  Exposing your child to language media such as Arabic news or cartoons will assist them with their learning and they will begin to pick out words and structures. How much your child learns and retains will depend on how much time he/she spends studying and using Arabic. We have made the arabee programme fun with games to reinforce the concepts, this makes learning enjoyable for children and they don’t pay attention to the time. 

As a non-Arabic speaker how will I know when my child is proficient in Arabic?

Like any language when someone is able to hold a conversation in Arabic, they are proficient to a specified level. 

What type of content does arabee offer?

arabee’s online content includes videos with phonics, listening and speaking. There are interactive games, songs, digital books, stories, practice exercises and printable worksheets. 
New resources are being added as they are developed. If you have any suggestions for activities such as games or resources or have an opinion about an existing one, please feel free to tell us about it. You can email us at info@arabeelearning.com or use the form on the contact us page. We are always happy to hear from our busy bees.

How does the content unlock mechanism work?

arabee's content is presented in a pre-set order and is unlocked as the child progresses and moves through the content. 

The child unlocks the next content by mastering the current concept, activity or vocabulary being taught. There are quizzes at the end of units which the child has to pass before they can progress to the next level.

Locked  and unlocked content are clearly identified by the icons within the Platform.

Will my details be shared with other companies?

No, we do not share data with other companies. Please read our Privacy Policy which describes our data collection policy and use of personal information collected from you.

Who will be able to see my details?

All your personal details are protected using the highest level of security and complies with the GDPR International global standards. Please see sub-section 8 of our Privacy Policy “Information security” for more detailed information on this subject.

Will I receive ads while using arabee?

No, we do not use our site for ANY form of advertising. We may offer suggestions on arabee products which we feel may benefit you in learning Arabic but these will be as messages to parents and NOT as pop up ads.

What is an arabee login ID?

Your arabee login is the ID created when you register to use the arabee Platform.

How do I subscribe to arabee?

Parents can download the Family App on the App Store /Google Play.

Parents can choose the plan (annual or monthly) to subscribe to via the “Subscription” section of the Platform.

How do I make sure my child doesn’t accidentally subscribe to the Platform?

The subscription option is only available in the subscription section and not on the Student App platform used by the student.  The payment section is a separate portal which requires the subscriber to enter payment details as is the case with any online purchase.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, If you find that arabee doesn't meet your needs, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

If I cancel my subscription, will I receive a refund?

We recommend all users look at the demo page to see the content. Refunds are only valid on annual subscriptions. During your first 7 days, if you find that arabee doesn't meet your needs, you can cancel and receive a full refund after admin and bank charges have been deducted. 


After that period, we are unable to offer pro rata refunds or credits for canceled subscriptions. If you choose to cancel in the middle of a billing cycle, your subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle, and you are welcome to take full advantage of your arabee account until that time. 

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your subscription by going to Manage My Subscription and press on Cancel Subscription.

Can unlocked content be viewed offline?

arabee is an online platform which tracks the user’s progress, this can only be done online.

How does the arabee subscription work? What do I get from subscribing?

The arabee subscription entitles you to access arabee’s content and the interactive platform and is valid for a month or a year from date of purchase, depending on your subscription plan.

What are the subscription options?

We have subscriptions for schools, families and institutes. The content for schools and families is structured differently. The school platform allows schools to adapt arabee to any curriculum, timetable and academic school year. The family App encourages independent learning, so the child is taken on a journey to learn Arabic, watching videos, playing games and gaining rewards.

What payment methods do you accept?

Subscribers can pay online by credit card. The name used to register for an arabee account should be included in the payment reference.  Accounts will be activated once payment has been verified.

How is my subscription renewed?

A subscription renews automatically, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. An Account will be charged for renewal about 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.

Subscriptions are managed by the user and auto-renewal can be turned off by going to the Manage My Subscription option under Account Details.

I don’t want to subscribe; can I still use arabee?

Anyone can register and see the content on the demo page but only subscribers can access the full content.

How long is the subscription valid?

An arabee subscription is valid for one year or one month, depending on your subscription plan.

What does my subscription get me?

An arabee subscription provides the subscriber access to all arabee content. 

Additional content such as videos and games are being created and continuously added. They are included in active subscriptions at no additional charge.

If my subscription expires, do I have to re-register or can I reactivate my expired subscription?

All subscriptions are auto- renewed unless canceled. All arabee IDs remain active and users can subscribe at any time, the account can be re-activated at any time.

If I am unable to access the Platform, what do I do?

Reload the site using Google Chrome and follow the steps below.

  1. Logout
  2. Press Ctrl + R for Windows and CMB + R for MAC (at the same time) - this will reload the site and the update should be visible
  3. Login

If you still need help then please WhatsApp a video of the problem to +971 50 630 5414 or email family.support@arabeelearning.com giving details of the problem. 

If the site/ platform freezes or stops working while I am using it what do I do?

Reload the site and ensure that you are using Google Chrome. Click on the bee - top left part of the screen, this will reload the site.

Do I have to be connected to the internet while using arabee?

Yes, the Platform requires an internet connection through WIFI or mobile data.

How many devices can I connect simultaneously to use the Platform?

A subscriber can use the Platform on as many devices as he/she wants, however a user can only be logged in on one device at any one time. With family sharing each member has their own dashboard which saves their progress once logged in.

We recommend users log out when using public or shared computers. 

Is arabee available on the iPhone/iPad or Android device?

Yes, arabee is available on both iOS and Android devices.

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Thank you for choosing arabee – making learning Arabic easy and fun.

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