Arabic Education Programme

For Schools

A programme tailored for schools, with Arabic lessons online, created by experienced teachers and backed by scientific research and analysis, to teach children how to understand, speak, read and write Arabic with ease.

arabic education programme for schools

Proven, effective method of

arabee is acknowledged as the best and most efficient way to learn the Arabic language. It is full of entertaining and engaging content that will motivate students to participate in lessons, keep their attention while having hours of fun.

Arabee’s Smart
Learning Tools

catchy arabic songs icon

Catchy Arabic Songs

Children sing and learn while having fun with their classmates. It is the best way to learn Arabic.

interactive videos

Interactive Videos

Transform Arabic into a fun and easy language thanks to arabee’s educational videos featuring amusing and friendly characters that make children want to learn Arabic daily.

informative games

Fun, informative and engaging games

The best way to learn the Arabic alphabet, vocabulary and grammar is through games. Children practice while they learn something new.

digital books

Engaging Digital Books

The programme features a wide variety of e-books, thus, combining classic and modern learning styles, for an easy Arabic learning journey.

standalone program icon

Tracking and Reports

Teachers track classes or individual students, generate reports so learning gaps can be identified and rectified before the child progresses to the next level.

worksheet and booklets

Worksheets and Booklets

Fun & engaging worksheets and booklets so children can learn to read and write and use the language correctly.

arabic education programme for schools

Arabic For beginners has been Simplified

kid learning arabic using arabee app

Implementing arabee within your school or institution, and unlock key benefits that serve both teachers and students:

  • NOrganized and systematic learning Arabic processes
  • NAvailable in schools and for home-learning
  • NLearning techniques using the latest teaching methods
  • NGamification for unlimited fun learning
  • NStudent-mentored activities to raise their interest and motivation
  • NEncourages independent learning through informative videos and activities
  • NQuizzes, milestones and rewards
  • NEffortless learning through captivating content with colourful characters, illustrations and animation

Arabee is adopted in schools around the world

Hear it from teachers

“We are looking forward to the new content and features arabee has developed for teachers and students. We love the fact that they listen to our feedback and translate into practical teaching tools. AMAZING!”

Rehab Khalifa | Head of Arabic for Primary and Secondary Safa Community School – Dubai, UAE

What Makes Arabee Different


Scientifically Proven Techniques

Using established learning techniques based on scientific research that will keep students focused

Solid Arabic Foundation

Learn, Repeat, Retain –  a communicative approach building a solid foundation for maximum retention

Organic Learning

Immersion method –  an organic way to learn basic Arabic naturally the same way we learn our  “mother tongue”


Professionally Crafted

Complete curriculum with resources created by linguists, teachers and specialists in curriculum design

Structured Learning

Progressive programme starting with basics and frequently used vocabulary, grammar and sentence structures organically building fluency through repetition

Interactive Experience

Making it easier for students to acquire language by using the platform’s interactive and informative activities

As Easy As 1..2..3..

Let Us guide you

Start making learning Arabic more fun for your students now by booking your consultation below and discover how our platform will help you interact with your students more and stay on top of their learning progress!

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